What Really. REALLY Bugs Me...sometimes© E-book
What Really, REALLY Bugs Me.... Sometimes E-book
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At long last, children from ages 3-12 can easily experience the wonderful benefits of releasing anger and frustration in a fun and healthy way through an Art from the Heart Adventure.  

'What Really, REALLY Bugs Me...sometimes© is a charming new personal journal that sets your child on a remarkable path of letting go of the upsets and frustrations of life.

Its fun to do, easy, and best of all, the drawings your child makes can be very insightful for you as a parent.

It is never too early for your child to look at daily life situations from a new perspective and learn skills for venting unhealthy negative emotions. 

This is an extraordinary tool to release and dissipate negative emotions, so your child with not keep these damaging emotions bottled up or expressed in aggressive ways. 

This is an invaluable tool that supports your child's mental and emotional health. Children will benefit from 'What Really, REALLY Bugs Me...sometimes¬© for the rest of their lives!

Comes with the ability to print out the drawing sheets so you can use one book for the whole family! 

You can even print them each a Certificate once they complete their 3 Week Program!

AND comes with Suggestions on Implementing this book into Your Child's Life & a 3 Week Program to Help Child/Children &/Or Parent(s) Develop this Valuable Habit as part of their Daily or Weekly Routine. 

A Family that colours together... generally opens discussion about issues they are facing at school and / or work.

A Unique & Creative Way for a Child to Journal 
for ONLY $9.99

Child, Adolescent & Adult Need Safe, Fun Ways To Release Their Fears, Grief, Anger & Frustrations!

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