Our Powerful AFTHA / Art from the Heart Adventures© Offers YOU....

Workshops YOU Can Do In the Privacy of YOUR Home!

YAY!!! NOW available via ZOOM! 

Individual or Small Group Sessions by Appointment ONLY     

(Minimal materials needed: 

Set of Coloured Markers, One Permanent Black Marker, Pen & Paper)

What's So Special About an Art from the Heart Adventure©?

An Art from the Heart Adventure© is a Uniquely Interactive Experience that will Change Your Life by Teaching how to LOOK at it from a “Different View”.

It isn't a trip You take to a physical destination. It is a journey YOU take to visit your heart and soul.

The "Heartworks" YOU create are the photographs of your adventure, something you can reflect on for years to come.

It allows you to release the emotional stress and debris you pick up from others or generate with your own negative thoughts, lifting it off & up to a place where you can view it more objectively, more rationally & clearly.  Have fun while actively meditating your way to better health, relationships, clarity and productivity. 

They are trips you take where you visit your soul. The "Heartworks" You create in the process are the photographs of your journey. They...

  • allow you to express the rainbow colours of your life while venting your everyday frustrations in a fun, relaxing child-like way.
  • enable you to be in the moment while giving you glimpses of past and future influences, possibilities while meditating actively
  • can be a reprieve from pain and serve as a unique replacement for addictions.
  • can be an empowering vehicle for manifesting a new healthy reality
  • allows you to colour outside the lines within your creation
  • are excellent techniques to share with children, friends or co-workers.
  • give you the ability to journal your life in a much less vulnerable, more private way, yet compliment written journals.   Only you need know what each 'heartwork' depicted at the time it was created.

The Book and In-Person or Mp3 Workshops give you 3 Adventures to explore. Each will Change Your Life by teaching you how to LOOK at it from a “Different View”. You don’t have to be an artist, in fact no pencils or erasers allowed. 

The best heartworks are the ones you allow rather than control.  

Anyone who allows themselves to experience this wonderful gift will have a treasured journal of heartfelt memories for years to come.                     

You don’t have to be an artist to take an adventure into your own creative place where understanding & answers await discovery.

NEW! Book Personal or Virtual Reviews of your "heartworks" by Carolyn

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Child, Adolescent & Adult Need Safe, Fun Ways To Release Their Fears, Grief, Anger & Frustrations!

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