Venting Creatively

Yes, You Asked for It and We Listened! 

 Our Powerful DRAWING The Law of Attraction Into YOUR Life Is... An E-Workshop YOU Can Do In the Privacy of YOUR Home!

   Save $40.00, Gas$ & for some Accommodations$


E-booklet Only $4.99 Tax Included

DRAWING The Law of Attraction Into YOUR Life

 This Empowering Focus Changing Workshop will take you through the steps of Weeding Out of What You Don’t Want then lead you into the Creating, Cultivating & Nurturing What You Truly DO Want

It will empower you by teaching you how to keep the “weeds” from resurfacing while continuously maintaining & nurturing your newly planted garden

  It will change your life by helping YOU to Clearly Release, Refocus & Re-enforce that which you truly wish to attract into your life! 


(No artistic talent necessary!)